Apple Releases ‘Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound Teaser’ Video

As part of its upcoming Star Wars Day on May 4, Apple has uploaded a Star Wars-themed video to its official YouTube channel.

Behind the Mac

‘Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound Teaser’ only lasts a minute, but it reveals the process behind sound production for the Skywalker Sound team. The Lucasfilm division produces sound effects for notable films, including the venerable Star Wars franchise.

‘Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound Teaser’ is the precursor to a longer film that will be unveiled on Apple’s official YouTube channel on Star Wars Day, May 4.

Like the teaser, viewers can expect a behind-the-scenes look at how the team uses technology to produce sounds that will reverberate for generations. The film is currently being unveiled on YouTube, but it may also appear on other Apple channels, including and social media.

May 4 has been declared Star Wars Day and is recognized around the world.

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