Apple releases new Shazam feature in iOS update

Apple today updated its Shazam app for the iPad and iOS to add Siri-recognized music to its music recognition history and app library.


The new Shazam update fixes a long-standing issue in the app and iOS 14 where asking Siri to identify a song didn’t add it to the history view and Shazam library in the Control Center.

Now the recognized songs will appear in the above-mentioned sections accordingly. Please note that to get this feature, the device needs to be updated to iOS 16.

Music recognition started on iOS 14 and proved useful for those who wanted to go back to recognized music and play them again. However, the app did not take Siri searches into account.

As the voice assistant became more prominent, there were holes that needed to be fixed, especially when it didn’t show up in the user’s search history.

Shazam was acquired by Apple in 2018 and has since been integrated into the company’s ecosystem.

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