Apple unveils new Apple ID and iMessage security features for 2023

Apple has announced more security features to protect its users from cloud data theft.

New Apple ID and iMessage security features

The Cupertino-based company said Apple ID security keys and ignition key verification for the iMessage app will be available to all iPhone users next year.

Apple ID Security Keys gives users the option to use a physical key to further protect their accounts. When enabled, the keys reinforce Apple’s two-step verification by having the physical key as one of the factors.

iMessage ignition key verification is more for those who constantly experience “digital threats”, including government officials, human rights activists, and journalists. The feature sends an alert if the conversation is a state-sponsored attacker or if the cloud servers are compromised by a malicious actor.

In addition, the iMessage verification can only be done via Facetime, secure call, or contact verification code to proceed with the call.

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