Apple Watch 7 owner experiences battery failure

A man has reported that his Apple Watch Series 7 battery caused a meltdown and eventually “exploded”.

Apple Watch 7

An Apple Watch owner, who wished to remain anonymous, told an online publication how his smartwatch started to heat up. Upon closer inspection, the man noticed that the back of his Apple Watch was cracked and that the device was issuing a high-temperature warning.

The man called Apple, who had a manager make a case for him. He was told not to touch the Apple Watch until the manager contacted him. The man woke up in the morning to see his Apple Watch turn off and make “crackling noises.” He then threw it out the window, claiming it had exploded.

Apple contacted the owner of the Apple Watch to collect the watch for further testing. It was not clear if the man had suffered any injuries, but he said he went to the hospital to check for lead poisoning.

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