Apple Watch ECG heart sensor highlighted in another life preserver

A UK resident credits his Apple Watch for saving his life amid heart complications.

Apple Watch ECG heart sensor

David Last, 54, recently credited Apple’s smart wearable with reporting low resting heart rates in nearly 3,000 cases. The Apple Watch’s EKG app started giving signals that the British man needed to see a doctor to have his heart checked.

An MRI scan prompted a 48-hour EKG process to check Last’s heart rate. After that, David was told he had a 3rd degree heart block due to the fact that a key junction was worn out.

The risk was sudden cardiac arrest resulting in death. Finally, he underwent surgery and a pacemaker to check for abnormal rhythms and keep the blood pumping process in sync.

He recently mentioned that if he hadn’t gotten the Apple Watch, he might not have lived until now. The British man said the Apple Watch will stay with him wherever he goes.

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