Apple Watch Pro gets fitness-heavy features

Reports have surfaced that the new Apple Watch Pro will have a heavy focus on fitness.

Apple Watch

As the ‘Far Out’ event approaches, there have been countless rumors about the launch of Apple products. For the Apple Watch Pro model, the Pro model is said to have sports-focused watch bands and new informational faces.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman added a few more details, including rounded sides and an additional button that can be customized to access a watch function or open a particular workout or app.

Gurman also touched on the ecosystem of the upcoming Pro Watch, saying that new Apple Watch band sets will be released, one of which will be steeped in extreme sports. In addition, new ‘data-heavy’ faces will display fitness stats for easy reading.

Rounding out the current rumors about the Apple Watch Pro claim that it will be bigger than any Apple Watch device and will have a price tag of somewhere around $900.

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