Apple’s 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro is available to order from June 17

The 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro was officially announced by Apple at this year’s WWDC keynote. However, the company has left out the most important bit of information — that’s when the MacBook Pro will be available to order. The wait is finally over, and Apple’s recent press release mentions that those who want to pre-order the M2 MacBook Pro will be able to do so beginning June 17.

Those who want to upgrade to the M2 chip will only have eyes for the MacBook Pro, since the MacBook Air does not meet that requirement. M2 MacBook Air has not yet seen a public announcement. Apple appears to be holding back, perhaps due to supply chain issues related to certain parts that cannot be shipped in bulk quantities, such as the M2 MoC. These things won’t affect the availability of the M2 MacBook Pro, which will go on sale in less than a week. Soon we will see the M2 MacBook pro on the market, which is very similar in design to the M1 MacBook Pro.

Speaking of design, it’s clear that this will be the only Mac in Apple’s lineup that comes with a Touch Bar, and also comes with multiple upgrades, including the M2. Moving on to Apple’s custom silicon, it’s expected to come with the same 8-core configuration that was on the M1. However, there will be an option to adapt to a 10-core GPU that will give the end user enhanced graphics on various tasks.

Speaking of customizable options, the M2 MacBook Pro comes with an option to upgrade to a larger LPDDR5 unified RAM of up to 24GB. In addition, you can get a PCIe NVMe storage up to 2 TB. If you want to choose different options, please do so before placing the order as all components are fixed on the motherboard and need to be upgraded before purchase.

Let’s move on to what everyone has been eagerly waiting for: the availability of the M2 MacBook Pro. The latest Mac will be available in multiple regions on the App Store and through authorized resellers. Customers will start receiving their deliveries around June 24, which is the same time it will be filled in select Apple Stores. The base version will cost USD 1,299 with a special discount of USD 100.

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