Apple’s latest ads highlight the iPhone 13 .’s water resistance and durability

Apple has released not one, but two video ads to showcase the durability and splash resistance of the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13s

iPhone 13 – Edge and iPhone 13 – Shake are the two latest ads for the flagship smartphone. In ‘Edge’ the iPhone 13 receives a vibrating phone call that causes the device to fall from a table. At the very end is a text that reads “Relax, it’s iPhone.”

On the other hand, ‘Shake’ shows a dog splashing in the pool and shaking water everywhere, including the back of the iPhone 13. The same ‘Relax, it’s iPhone’ text also pops up at the end. The music used in the ad is ‘Cold as Ice’ by Bekon.

Both ‘Shake’ and ‘Edge’ can be viewed on Apple’s official YouTube channel and last about a minute. It’s worth noting that while the iPhone 13 is splash-proof, it may not survive a drop in water.

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