Apple’s latest patent is a pen that can “collect” colors from real objects

Apple recently filed an interesting patent, a device that can take color samples from real objects and convert them into digital paper.

Apple patent

The patent roughly describes an Apple Pencil as being able to sample real life objects via a sensor on the tip. Patent images show that the device may have a light detector, emitter and environmental sensor that can collect not only colors but also texture. It’s worth noting that the Cupertino-based company filed a similar patent in June 2020; however, there is no indication that such a device is in the works.

The current Apple Pencil includes improved features and capabilities, with new iPadOS features and hardware compatibility. The M2 iPad Pro offers a so-called ‘hover’, where users can hold their pencil close to the surface to see where the point will hit the screen.

Like all patents, there is no guarantee that the device will see the light of day or be announced in the near future.

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