Areas near Foxconn facilities are closed

Zhengzhou authorities have sealed off several areas and near Foxconn’s manufacturing facilities.

Foxconn Building

The Chinese government has adopted a zero-tolerance Covid measure to try to eradicate the spread of the virus. Regions with reported cases are locked up and recently included Kunshan, home of Apple assembly partners Luxshare Precision, Wistron, Quanta and Pegatron.

Some areas within the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone have been closed – residents are being forced to stay at home, as mandated by Chinese officials. It is also where the primary iPhone factory is located. Mandatory testing measures have been taken, heralding possible quarantine periods.

iPhone delivery could be affected, especially if the lockdown continues and isn’t lifted soon. The Foxconn factory is believed to be key to keeping iPhone supplies on track in terms of production. There have been closures with Foxconn before – the Shenzhen factory was closed in March due to a local shutdown.

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