Asmongold Blown Away By Genshin Impact’s Popularity Over Final Fantasy XIV

Asmongold was stunned by how popular Genshin Impact is compared to Final Fantasy XIV, and after tweeting about it to test the waters, hinted he might be streaming it soon.

Asmon is no stranger to jumping from one game to another. He has delved into everything from Final Fantasy XIV, Lost Ark and New World to World of Warcraft. It comes down to what he is feeling at any given moment.

However, one game he hasn’t tried yet is Genshin Impact. In August 2021, he said it looked like a “good game” but didn’t want to play it because of all the “bullsh*t” it contained – probably referring to microtransactions.

However, that may change in the near future. After being amazed at how popular it is against others on social media, including Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft, he hinted that he might give it a try.

Yanfei uses charged attack on hilichurls on genshin impact

The popularity of Genshin Impact knows no bounds.

“Genshin Impact had 11,000 tweets and 2.7 million retweets,” he said during a recent stream. “Final Fantasy XIV had 10,000 tweets and 1.2 million retweets. So Genshin Impact has almost twice as many tweets. Actually not nearly. It has more than double that!”

“Is Genshin Impact really that powerful? Like, is it really that big on Twitter? I didn’t even understand this. Holy sh*t! Should I tweet about it to test and see how popular it is going to get? You know what, I’m going to do that now.”

Asmon tweeted the title alone, and it gained traction almost immediately. He couldn’t believe his eyes. “It’s been two seconds since it got 47 likes. It’s been five seconds, it has 200 likes. What? What is this? 800 likes? Oh my God!”

The Genshin Impact tweet eventually garnered 12,000 likes. Asmon was so impressed that he is now considering trying it. “The Power of Genshin Impact? Yes, maybe we should give this game a try. We’ll see what happens.”

Asmon has not said when it will happen. He will likely return to Final Fantasy XIV first after taking a break first. However, there’s a good chance it will happen some time after that, and if it does, it’ll be a huge draw for Twitch.

Whether he’ll like it, there’s only one way to find out. Though given its stance on microtransactions in Lost Ark, there’s a good chance it will dampen his enjoyment of Genshin Impact to some degree.

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