Asmongold Defends Blizzard Over Overwatch 2 Microtransactions

published: 2022-10-07T15:29:27

Updated: 2022-10-07T15:29:48

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold believes the complaints about microtransactions over Overwatch 2 are “insane” and has defended Blizzard for the game’s current revenue.

Many members of the Overwatch 2 community have mentioned Blizzard for its expensive skins and cosmetics, noting that the Battle Pass is worse than the game’s previous lootbox system. It can even take months for certain in-game items to unlock for free, while others are locked behind a paywall.

However, with the move to free-to-play, Overwatch 2 has made changes to how players purchase in-game content. This change has largely been met with skepticism from longtime fans, but Asmongold believes this new monetization model is a necessary evil that will help the game in the long run.

Asmongold on Overwatch 2 microtransactions

“It’s amazing how many people on Blizzard want to shit for a skin,” Asmongold said. “Like holy f*ck, it’s shitty skin. There are many games where you can’t even get the items unless you spend real money. It’s funny it takes eight months and it’s stupid, but who cares, it sucks.’

The streamer notes that cosmetics don’t reflect how good a player is at the game, explaining how they have little impact on the overall experience. Asmongold also wanted to emphasize that the new Overwatch 2 Battle Pass and monetization system is a necessary price to pay for playing the game for free.

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“It’s a crazy man, people have such a right. I think it’s outrageous that people think that just because they bought Overwatch five or six years ago, Blizzard can never change the way the game works. It’s like Blizzard is the only company that can release a game for free… and then hate it.”

While he agreed that the time it takes to unlock certain cosmetics is rather long, Asmongold refused to jump on the current monetization hate truck. Whether Blizzard will adjust the price of its cosmetics remains to be seen, but for now players will have to grind for unlocks or give away some cash to get the cosmetics they want.

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