Asmongold explains why The Avengers don’t belong in Kingdom Hearts 4

Twitch star Asmongold was very excited to play Kingdom Hearts 4 after seeing the reveal trailer, but expressed concern about the possibility of Marvel superheroes like The Avengers making an appearance.

The reveal of Kingdom Hearts 4 took the internet by storm on April 10 and left fans absolutely stunned. With stunning gameplay and unreal visuals, including a new shoe size for Sora, Disney and RPG fanatics were blown away.

Despite seemingly everyone excited about the next installment in the franchise, Asmongold expressed concern about the appearance of more than just Disney and Final Fantasy characters.

On a Twitch broadcast, the award-winning MMO streamer explained why he doesn’t want Marvel characters to appear in the game, given that Disney owns the company.

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Fans were blown away by the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer.

Asmongold concerned about Marvel heroes in Kingdom Hearts 4

After watching the trailer and expressing an interest in playing the KH game for themselves, a viewer inquired about the chances of Marvel superheroes fighting alongside Sora, Goofy, and Donald Duck.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned about intellectual property over the years, it’s that no one knows the answer, except probably a cabal of overpaid lawyers,” he joked. “Like, no, nobody has any idea. I think so, maybe, but I have no idea.”

That said, for Asmongold, he doesn’t even want comic book icons like Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, or Ironman in the game for one big reason.

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“I feel like The Avengers don’t really fit the theme,” he explained. “Personally, I don’t feel Avengers fit the Kingdom Hearts theme. I think maybe something like The Hulk does, like a little bit? But I feel like the Kingdom Hearts theme is much more lighthearted.”

However, as Asmongold pointed out, the series has featured Final Fantasy 7’s antagonist Sephiroth, comparing the Disney RPG to Super Smash Bros with all its wacky crossovers.

It remains to be seen if Marvel will transition into the game, but as fans have already noted, the trailer seemed to hint that Star Wars would be making an appearance in it. At once, the footing of what could be an AT-ST is visible, suggesting an Endor-inspired level could be in the works.

In any case, we’ll have to see if Asmongold is right or if Marvel and Star Wars will find a way into the game when it eventually comes out.

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