Asmongold explains why WoW Dragonflight has less hype than other expansions

After Asmongold’s fans pointed out that WoW Dragonflight generates less hype than its predecessors, he explained why he thinks that is the case and what it could mean to move forward.

Blizzard unveiled the next World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight, on April 19. The next installment in the long-running MMO series introduces a new area, a new race and class combination, and much more.

Asmon praised them for having arranged many things well. However, his fans pointed out that Dragonflight’s trailers are generating fewer views on YouTube compared to previous expansion trailers, suggesting less hype.

The MMO Streamer of the Year explained why he thinks it’s happening, claiming it’s because World of Warcraft players are tired of being “fooled around” so they’re probably waiting to see how it plays out.

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Blizzard unveiled the WoW Dragonflight expansion on April 19.

“There are two videos on the World of Warcraft channel,” Asmon said. “There is one video that has [almost] two million and another video with two million. But it’s still definitely less than Battle for Azeroth.

“The truth is that after two expansions, people are tired of being fooled. People are tired of being fooled and getting annoyed by the same sh*t. So a lot of people are kind of waiting to see what’s going to happen.”

For that reason, he believes Blizzard needs to hit all the beats with this expansion to win back its audience. It’s something he’s mentioned in the past, and he’s even revealed some of the things they need to do.

When that happens, he thinks it can win them over in the end.

“It’s the same as what happened to Legion. It took about a year for people to finally try and play the game again. I think the same could happen with Dragonflight.”

In an effort to open up communication between developers and players, Asmon conducted an interview with World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazikostas. So he’s definitely doing his part to build hype.

Whether the expansion will succeed is another story. However, Asmon is impressed with what he’s seen so far, and given how critical he’s been about the series, that’s a good sign.

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