ASRock launches a custom Intel ARC A380 graphics card

ASRock will also include custom Intel Arc GPUs in its portfolio. A recent video posted by Bilibili has confirmed that there is a new modified design based on the A380 SKU. This SKU in discussion is the entry-level graphics card that can hold its own against the slowest cards from NVIDIA and AMD.

Now that ASRock has ventured into Intel GPUs, it is no longer an AMD exclusive and will no longer be its exclusive Radeon partner. There are rumors that ASRock is planning to launch their own line of gaming monitors and if that’s true, the company is indeed diversifying its portfolio by entering new markets.

You might be surprised to learn that this won’t be ASRock and Intel’s first joint product launch. ASRock has already used a few Intel 600 series motherboards and is now preparing for the next generation 700 series.

Coming back to this custom card, this SKU is designed by ASRock with a double lock and single fan design. The model comes with an additional 8-pin power connector which refers to a powerful TDP greater than the 75W shown on the reference design. The GUNNIR Photon card is also based on the same configuration. Unfortunately, there are no further details on the video regarding specs and expected launch dates.

Via Wccftech

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