ASRock Launches LiveMixer Series Motherboards

Leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, is proud to announce its new lineup, LiveMixer. There are separate Z790 LiveMixer and B650 LiveMixer for Intel and AMD’s new platform, which are produced in collaboration with content creators who need motherboards with excellent reliability, advanced performance and a comprehensive connectivity mix for the many ancillary devices needed for streaming. LiveMixer is the incarnation of bravery. It liberates us from the concrete jungle with its colorful graffiti. The stylish pattern represents the courage and courage we possess to stand up for ourselves and try new things that enrich life.

“We’ve studied the need for live streaming for a long time, and here comes our first LiveMixer that helps streamers to stream in high quality with its good VRM design, additional PCIe slots and more than twenty USB ports.” Says Chris Lee, Vice President of ASRock Motherboard & Gaming Monitor Business Unit. With up to 23 USB ports to connect external devices, users will never run out. Connect any peripheral, be it mice, keyboards, microphones, headsets, multiple cameras, fill lights, macro pads, and more. Equipped with dual PCI-Express 4x slots and Thunderbolt header, the LiveMixer allows users to simultaneously connect a graphics card, a high-speed capture card, and a Thunderbolt expansion card.

Speed ​​up video editing using the latest PCI-Express 5.0 NVMe SSDs with incredible data transfer speeds. A multi-layer heatsink provides excellent heat dissipation, so that even with long-term intensive use, the best-performing SSDs can operate without thermal throttling.

Ultra USB power
The LiveMixer features Ultra USB Power, which uses a special IC that converts 12 V power into 5 V, providing less voltage drop and more stable power supply for demanding USB devices. Completely separated from other 5V circuits, it allows USB audio devices to have less noise and prevents power-related interference from other 5V connected devices, such as ARGB LEDs.

Lightning Gaming Ports
The LiveMixer includes Lightning Gaming ports intended to provide the lowest latency mouse and keyboard input. Lightning Gaming ports connect through their own dedicated controller, which avoids signal lag, allowing gamers to play with minimal jitter and input latency.

Show your personality
Build a new setup that reflects your personality, streaming and live gaming pleasure. Create without compromise, always attach all your stuff. Never sweat it. Free up your streams.

For more information, please visit the B650 Livemixer and Z790 Livemixer product pages.

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