ASUS DIY-APE Revolution Project solves PC cable management problem

Moving power connectors to the other side of the motherboard is not a radical concept. With the recent debut of its Stealth program, Gigabyte has significantly improved wire management for GPUs, motherboards and other components. However, because Stealth is a proprietary technology, not all parts will work in this situation (or idea). To develop an ecosystem that includes other companies, ASUS came up with a slightly better approach than this one, if only it had to start with a motherboard manufacturer.

ASUS “DIY-APE Revolution” design is proposed for both Intel and AMD motherboard series. Two motherboard designs, one in black and the other in white, are shown in a video posted by “Ancient Era Installer” on Bilibili, showing all the connectors on the other side of the board. Power connectors, SATA, USB, fan headers and even front panel connectors are included in this.

The video indicates that designs with this approach include the AMD B650 and the Intel B660, B760, and H610. Compared to Gigabyte’s Stealth project, the debut of this concept will be ubiquitous. Several companies will be involved, including ASUS, SAMA, LianLI, CoolterMaster, Cougar, Phanteks, and Jonsbo.

According to the video, this concept can be used in designs for the Intel B660, B760 and H610, as well as AMD B650. More people will benefit from this idea than from Gigabyte’s Stealth project. Companies such as ASUS, SAMA, LianLI, CoolerMaster, Cougar, Phanteks and Jonsbo will be on display.

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