ASUS IS ready to launch its own ROG STRIX SQ7 NVMe SSD

The day does not seem far away when ASUS would become the first and only company on the market to supply almost all components of the PC under its name. Recently, the Taiwanese company released a public teaser regarding its latest addition, the ROG STRIX SQ7 NVMe SSD drive.

This will be the company’s attempt to release an SSD, confirming that it is on track to enter the PC hardware market soon. The teaser has been released on ASUS ROG Taiwan’s social page. It shows the clear view of ROG STRIX SQ7 NVMe SSD drive. The model in question comes with an M.2 PCIe Gen4 interface and offers 1 TB of storage.

The SSD is based on the M.2 2280 form factor. We don’t see the latest Gen5 SSD yet, but we think it makes perfect sense how ASUS would want to test the new market first and enter the premium SSD segment. The teaser seems to have been posted at just the right time; just weeks before the Computex 2022 trade shows. The new SSD may be officially announced during ASUS’ Boundless event, which will take place on May 17.

ASUS fans are up for some great news; they can now build their own systems built entirely on ASUS components. Memory modules were the only thing missing, but now ASUS is venturing into that area too. Gigabyte is the only company currently offering a full range of products for gamers, including keyboards, monitors and other PC hardware.


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