ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Falchion Ace Keyboard

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced the Falchion Ace, an esports 65% gaming keyboard with a masterful design that packs arrow and navigation keys into an extremely compact 60% frame. The Falchion Ace features fast-acting ROG NX mechanical switches and ROG-tuned power curves for consistent keystrokes with a great feel. In addition, the special ROG switch stabilizer design provides smoother, more stable keystrokes, especially with longer keys. Keyboard acoustics are also improved thanks to ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps and built-in sound-damping foam. An interactive touch panel on the left side of the keyboard allows for easy volume adjustments and custom commands, while two USB-C ports provide a tidier gaming setup and allow gamers to quickly switch between two PCs. In addition, the Falchion Ace has three tilt angles that can be adjusted to the user’s preference and comes with an innovative protective cover. The Falchion Ace is available in Black and Moonlight White.

For over a decade, ROG has channeled its passion for gaming into building extraordinary experiences for everyday players, streamers and professional gamers. Designed and engineered for the very best in the game, ROG Ace series offers gamers a whole arsenal of peripherals to win like a pro.

65% keyboard in an ultra-compact form factor
With the ROG Falchion Ace, the ROG design team tried to develop a 65% keyboard without compromise, masterfully integrating arrow and navigation keys in a much smaller package to give users all the functions of a normal keyboard without taking up much desktop space. to take. At just 306mm in length, the Falchion Ace is nearly the size of a 60% form factor keyboard.

Great keystroke feel
The ROG NX mechanical switches used in ROG Falchion Ace feature greased stems and base housings for a smooth click feel and eliminating bouncing noises. ROG-tuned power curves and quick-action design deliver consistent and tactile keystrokes. The durable ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps give the Falchion Ace a sturdy, premium feel, and the mid-height keycap and shorter stem design reduce key wobbling for more comfortable typing.

The greased ROG switch stabilizer is specially tuned with gamers in mind, creating less friction, so longer keys like Space, Shift and Enter stay true to the original switch feel. Finally, the built-in sound-damping foam absorbs ping noises and echoes for better keyboard acoustics.

Useful Features
An innovative touch panel on the left side of the Falchion Ace can be used to adjust the volume or as shortcuts for switching apps, copying or pasting. It can also be programmed as a macro key for complex in-game commands. Two USB-C ports on either side of the back edge of the keyboard make for a much tidier setup and allow gamers to simultaneously connect and quickly switch between two PCs. The Falchion Ace includes two pairs of keyboard feet of different heights, giving users three tilt angle options to suit their preference.

When not in use, a transparent polycarbonate keyboard cover protects the Falchion Ace during storage or transport. The cover can be placed under the keyboard while playing, giving the RGB lighting on the bottom a diffused look.


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