ASUS unveils the ROG THOR 1600T GAMING PSU

ASUS has unveiled the ROG-THOR-1600T-GAMING, their 80 PLUS TITANIUM certified 1600W power supply with full modular specifications. Cybernetics Labs has given it the highest rating of “Lambda A++”.

The power supply features the “ROG heatsink” which is twice the size compared to a standard power supply and a 135mm “Axial-tech fan. Partial fanless mode has the ability to automatically turn off when the load reaches 50% or less, which makes it the quiet 1600W power supply.

The power supply is equipped with some high-quality components. It features capacitors made in Japan and for high efficiency there are gallium nitride MOSFETs. The +12V circuit can support up to 133.3A of output and the single lane design can withstand the high output. They have used a high quality sheath cable for the main modular cable. In addition, the 16-pin connector supports PCI-Express 5.0 and can supply up to 600W of power. Users can also see the power consumption of the system on the OLED power display.

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