AYANEO 2 console with AMD Ryzen 7 6800U APU launches in September

The AYANEO 2 release date has finally been confirmed as the company has announced that the AYANEO Air has been shipped from today. It will be sent to all media and primary backers for reviews.

The AYANEO Air console is an OLED handheld device with the Ryzen 5000 APU, but by the time it ships, the focus has already shifted to the seemingly more capable AYANEO 2 which is based on Ryzen 6000. The official release time for the AYANEO 2 will be in late September, while mass shipping will begin in October. This kind of tiered launch is usually reserved for crowdfunded devices.

Let’s quickly run through the specs.

The AYANEO 2, as we mentioned, is based on AMD’s Ryzen 7 6800U processor and has a total of 8 cores and 16 threads with the updated Zen3+ architecture. It comes with 12 RDNA2 compute units, which is 50% more than the Steam Deck. This is the first time AYANEO has released a console based on this graphical architecture.

Another first according to AYANEO is that the special design is a handheld with a ‘full-screen’. This means that there will be very small bezels compared to other devices of a similar nature on the market. It also has a Full HD IPS display, giving the device an upgrade from the original 720p panel.

Surprisingly, the AYANEO 2 is not the company’s flagship. The AYANEO Next 2 is already in the pipeline and it will be a much larger device with both analog sticks and buttons. Like the Steam Deck, it also has touchpads.

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