‘Banish’ Extension Stops ‘Open in App’ Safari Pop-Ups

A new app called ‘Banish’ removes open popups in app when browsing Safari.


Websites with iOS apps often encourage users to open the app instead of continuing to browse the web. However, it can be a frustrating experience for some users who want to keep using content in the browser instead of continuing to download the app.

A new Safari extension developed by Alex Zamoshchin has been launched to combat the annoying ‘open in app’ pop-ups that appear on popular websites.

The app runs on iPad and iPhone and can specifically remove the aforementioned intrusions. Unfortunately, it does not remove similar banners that appear at the top of Safari recommending the user to install the corresponding app.

To remove the banner, it is recommended that users uninstall the affected app. Available on the App Store, ‘Banish’ is a paid app that costs $2.

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