Base Temperature For Apple Watch Series 8 To Take ‘Five Nights’, According To Apple Document

Apple’s new support document states that the new Apple Watch Series 8 may take five days to set a base wrist temperature.

Apple Watch

The document refers to the Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 models and reiterates that the user must have the smartwatch attached to their wrist in order to detect their base temperature.

As it stands, there are two sensors for the newer Apple Watch models: one on the back of the crystal and another below the display. While the user is resting, the sensor measures every 5 seconds for up to 5 nights. This is done to reduce prejudice, the Cupertino-based company said.

During this time, Apple recommends enabling the “Track Sleep with Apple Watch” feature, as well as Sleep Focus for a minimum of 4-5 nights. After the process is complete, the user can check their recorded readings in ‘Body Measurements’ and then ‘Wrist Temperature’ in the Health app.

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