Belkin’s extra-long MagSafe wireless charging puck is just $25

Need a reliable and long-lasting charging device for your iPhone? Go with a trusted brand like Belkin. Today, the Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charging Puck costs just $24.72 from its original $30 price on Amazon.

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger

An extra-long cable solves most travel charger problems and allows you to sit or lie down comfortably while charging and using your phone. iPhones get up to 7.5 watts of wireless juice, while Android devices can get up to 15 watts. Since it is attached via a magnet, you can easily connect and disconnect it if necessary.

The Belkin Charging Puck folds neatly and is highly portable, meaning you can take it with you on vacation, travel, and outdoor camping. There’s even an LED indicator that shows if you’re charging your smartphone correctly, if there’s a foreign object in between, or if the magnets are misaligned.

Grab the Belkin MagSafe Compatible Charging Puck at a discount of $5 today!

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