Best EX1 Warzone Gear: Class Configuration, Attachments, Perks

The EX1 Energy Assault Rifle is one of the most unique weapons in Warzone, and you’ll need top gear in Season 5 to maximize its power.

Season 5 has finally kicked off in Warzone and the major update has introduced a huge amount of new content into the game.

Whether it’s the Caldera map changes, the new Rage Serum Field upgrade, or the deadly RA 225 SMG, it’s safe to say Raven hasn’t held back with the latest patch.

Of all the additions, though, it’s the powerful EX1 energy assault rifle that grabs the most attention.

This unique weapon stands out from the rest of the arsenal thanks to its laser-like gunfire and futuristic sound effects. Of course, if you want to maximize the EX1’s damage, you’ll need a meta loadout and luckily we’ve got you covered.


Best EX1 Warzone Gear

EX1 Assault Rifle Gear WarzoneTreyarch/Activivision

The EX1 needs a cool down period after it is empty.


  • End of a loop: coil amplifier
  • Walk: SD Instant Free
  • Optics: mk. 3 Mod. 2 Sun filter
  • Stock: AC Titanium Anchor
  • Underflow: Ion Hand Stop
  • Magazine: Quantum High Voltage Battery
  • Rear handle: Shaded handle
  • benefit: sleight of hand
  • advantage2: at hand

First of all you want the coil amplifier and SD Instant Free walk as these attachments increase the weapon’s damage, increase recoil stability and keep the gun in fully automatic mode. While some muzzles transform the EX1 into a semi-automatic weapon, we prefer a fully automatic build.

Then use the AC Titanium Anchor, Ion Hand Stopand Shaded handle to amplify the weapon’s initial recoil and improve overall aiming stability. This ensures that your laser bullets always land on the target and you can track enemies at medium range.

Since the EX1 doesn’t have an ammo slot, don’t worry about that, but you should Quantum High Voltage Battery to increase the AR’s rate of fire. In combination with the mk. 3 Mod. 2 Sun filter optically, you will blast enemies down with ease.

Finally, complete the loadout with sleight of hand to improve your reload speed and of course the at hand perk, so you are guaranteed to get the first shot at your opponent in a firefight.

Best EX1 Warzone Class

EX1 Warzone ClassTreyarch/Activivision

We recommend using Overkill with the EX1, so you can use a meta-SMG in addition to the AR.

Benefits and Equipment

  • advantage 1: EOD
  • advantage 2: overkill
  • advantage 3: Amped
  • Deadly: semtex
  • Tactical: stim

When it comes to extras, our EX1 gear runs the meta perk picks with EOD protect you from explosive detonation, and Amped increasing your weapon switching speeds so you can easily switch to a powerful SMG.

As our final pick, we recommend using the Overkill perk so you can use a meta-SMG for close range skirmishes.

In the current meta, both the deadly Armaguerra 43 and H4 Blixen are top picks.

Finally, end the lesson with a semtex to force enemies out of cover, or even hold them for a moment, and a stim to give you a boost of health.

How to unlock the EX1 in Warzone

How to unlock the EX1 in WarzoneTreyarch/Activivision

The EX1 is extremely easy to unlock in Warzone.

Unlocking the EX1 in Warzone and Vanguard is relatively easy as players just need to reach rank 15 in the Season 5 Battle Pass.

This shouldn’t take too long at all, so jump into a match as soon as possible so you can shoot your enemies!

Alternative to the EX1 Warzone Gear

Gray WarzoneTreyarch/Activivision

The Grau has received a number of improvements in the Season 5 update.

If laser-fire energy guns aren’t what you’re looking for in Warzone, then maybe it’s time to bring back the Grau 5.56 in Season 5.

The much-loved Modern Warfare weapon received a fair amount of buffs in the major patch, increasing its damage range and max damage.

This has caused its popularity to skyrocket, so be sure to try it out in one of your matches and check out our dedicated weapon gear guide.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest news and updates from Warzone and Vanguard, be sure to check out our Call of Duty page.

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