Best Gear for Cooper Carbine Warzone: Class Lineup, Attachments, Extras

Cooper Carbine Warzone’s best gear is packed with great damage and great accuracy, making it an exceptionally deadly choice in Season 2.

Vanguard’s Cooper Carbine can be a great close-range or long-range option in Warzone Season 2, depending on which build you decide to equip it with.

This lightning-fast AR can pump out bullets at dizzying speeds, making it a great support for snipers when properly adjusted – or a laser at a distance if you follow recoil control.

To get the most out of the game’s AR, we’ve put together the best Cooper Carbine gear you should be using in Warzone Season 2.


Best Cooper Carbine Warzone Gear

Equipment screen Cooper Carbine Warzone

Cooper Carbine Warzone’s best equipment increases the gun’s accuracy


  • End of a loop: MX damper
  • Walk: 22″ Cooper Custom
  • Optics: G16 2.5x
  • Stock: Cooper 45RS
  • underflow: m1941 Handstop
  • Magazine: 9mm 60 round drums
  • Ammunition: extended
  • rear handle: polymer grip
  • advantage 1: Tight grip
  • advantage 2: Fully loaded

The best equipment of Cooper Carbine Warzone increases the gun’s rate of fire and accuracy, allowing it to compete with the best weapons. First is the MX Muffler, which helps to control recoil, at the cost of some damage. Don’t worry though, the 22″ Cooper Custom barrel balances things out by increasing damage again.

Unlike other AR gear, this Cooper Carbine is a mostly short-range pistol. That’s why we’ve used attachments that significantly improve range accuracy and rate of fire to get you more bang for your buck. The Cooper 45RSm1941 Handstopand polymer grip they all help make the Cooper Carbine as sharp as possible.

The following are the 9mm 60 Rnd Drums and Extended rounds† The magazine offers more recoil control, rate of fire, ADS rate, and enough ammo to take down multiple enemies. Meanwhile, the ammo type simply boosts the Cooper Carbine’s bullet speed.

Combine these attachments with the Fully loaded and Tight grip perks, and you have a recipe for an incredibly deadly secondary weapon to team up with a sniper. The Optic is largely down to personal preference, but we think the Slate Reflector will get the job done.

Best Cooper Carbine Lineup (Benefits and Equipment)

Cooper Carbine Equipment Screen

The Cooper Carbine uses Warzone’s meta perks and gear.

Benefits and Equipment

  • advantage 1: EOD
  • advantage 2: overkill
  • advantage 3: Amped
  • Subordinate: Top holiday
  • Deadly: semtex
  • Tactical: stim

Our Cooper Carbine Warzone gear uses all the standard meta perks. Both EOD and Amped protect you from explosive explosions, while also giving you increased speed when switching to your secondary weapon. overkill also allows you to wear a different primary of your choice.

This is incredibly important as this gear is geared for close range firefights so we recommend using a long range AR or Sniper to aid in ranged combat. Once you have two primary weapons, you’ll definitely want to drop another loadout to grab Spirit

Finally, both the Semtex and Stim give you the tools needed to flush out pesky campers and the ability to quickly heal yourself when you take damage.

How to unlock the Cooper Carbine in Warzone

Vanguard Warzone Season 1 Battle Pass Image
Activision/Sledgehammer Games

The Cooper Carbine is unlocked in the Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass.

To unlock the Cooper Carbine in CoD Warzone you must: range 15 of the Season 1 Battle Pass This shouldn’t take too long if you’re using double XP tokens or playing games from Warzone or Vanguard’s multiplayer.

If you don’t want to grind up the levels on the Battle Pass, you can always buy some premium skips instead. This gives you direct access to the new AR, so you can focus on grinding attachments.

Best Cooper Carbine Gear Warzone Tips

The Cooper Carbine is equipped with an insanely high rate of fire, making it quite effective at close range. Our equipment is simply meant to accentuate the already existing strengths.

If you want to get more kills while using this weapon, here are some tips you should use in-game:

  • The Cooper Carbine is known for its SMG-like character because of its high rate of fire† This of course makes it a huge contender for close to† Don’t be afraid to be aggressive when using this weapon.
  • This gear is geared towards being fast and aggressive. Once you have this class in your loadout drop make sure you have another drop to get the Spirit perk† This allows you to flank and be aggressive while not being recognized by enemy UAVs and heart rate sensors
  • Finally, pair this weapon with Sniper Rifle if you want to be effective at all ranges. The Cooper Carbine can hold its own at range, but even the best Assault Rifles are useless if the distance between you and your target gets too great. Using the Swiss K31 or the Kar98k makes this a well-rounded kit.

Alternatives to Cooper Carbine Warzone Gear

MP40 Warzone Preview Screen

The MP40 is the best Vanguard SMG in Warzone.

The MP40 is currently one of the most popular close-range options in Warzone Season 2. This is due to its high rate of fire, high damage and fantastic hipfire accuracy.

Unlike the Cooper Carbine, you can use the MP40 with any AR without worrying about ammunition issues. Be sure to check out our best MP40 Warzone gear to melt through the competition.

So there you have it, the best Cooper Carbine gear that can give you a competitive edge in Warzone.

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