Best Lachmann-556 Modern Warfare 2 Gear: Class Lineup, Attachments, Extras

Modern Warfare 2 has an arsenal of weapons to master, including the Lachmann-556. If you want the best equipment for this versatile weapon, you’ll find everything you need to know here, from extras to attachments.

In Modern Warfare 2, veteran developers Infinity Ward return to the franchise, with an array of weapons to explore. There’s something for everyone in the latest CoD entry, but avid players are already getting started assembling the game’s meta selections.

Before you can get your hands on the Lachmann MP5 Sub receiver, you’ll need to use the Lachmann-556 assault rifle. Don’t underestimate this viable AR though, as the Lachmann-556 packs just as much punch into battle.

Here’s how to put together the best gear and get some wins.

Best Lachmann-556 class in Modern Warfare 2

The Lachmann-556 may seem an unappealing alternative to the popular M4 at first, but with a few tweaks, this weapon can do some serious damage.


You will have to spend some time with this AR before moving on to the popular MP5 version.

While this can be used in close encounters, this weapon works best at medium to long range. This is how you prepare it for use:

  • Ammunition: Standard
  • Loop: LM Aurora 90 Barrel
  • Muzzle: Forge-Tac Castle Comp
  • Receiver: LM-16
  • Stock: Hmann S9 factory stock
  • Bottom: VX Pineapple Vert Grip

You’ll find this setup puts the weapon on par with the M4 when it comes to versatility. However, you have to combine it with the right extras and tactical gear.

Best Lachmann-556 Lineup: Perks and Tactical Gear

For your Perk selection, we recommend using the following:

  • overkill
  • scavenger
  • Fast hands
  • hard line

By having Overkill in your class setup, you can add an SMG or shotgun to the mix, increasing your firepower.

Scavenger makes sure you have enough ammo, while Fast Hands makes your weapon changes faster. Hardline is always a good choice to close the gaps between killstreaks.

Now that your perks have been selected, take advantage of using the shock stick and semtex. The first will slow down your enemies’ movements, while the Semtex deals devastating explosive damage.

With the full game being announced for release on October 28, 2022, we’ll be keeping this page updated as adjustments are made to this already powerful pick.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our other gear guides to beat the competition.

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