Best Midfielders for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

published: 2022-10-14T12:58:00

Updated: 2022-10-14T12:58:52

Top-class FIFA 23 midfielders are essential to dominating Ultimate Team matches. The right playmakers can provide both defensive cover and creativity when attacking. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best midfielders available in FIFA 23.

Making sure your Ultimate Team roster is filled with top talent should be a priority for players looking to dominate the mode in FIFA 23. The brand new team spirit system has given players the ability to match the best stars from around the world in a single squad – enabling powerful team combinations like never before.

The role of the midfielder is extremely important in any team as the right player gives attackers the opportunity to score and also gives your defenders the much needed protection.

These are the best midfielders available in FIFA 23.


Best Midfielders in FIFA 23

The role of a midfielder in FIFA 23 can vary greatly depending on how your team is set up. Maybe you’re looking for someone who can break the game and stop attacks, or a versatile player who can do a little bit of everything.

Whatever happens, the best bet is to pick the players with the highest stats, as they perform best on the pitch, and there is plenty of talent to choose from in FIFA 23. These are the best meta-midfielders in FIFA 23.

Best Meta Midfielders to Buy in FIFA 23

Fastest Midfielders in FIFA 23

Pace is also vital in FIFA 23, and the middle of the park is no exception. A high-speed stat allows midfielders to bomb the chase, or go back and help the defense.

If you want to bring some speed to the team, here are the fastest midfielders in FIFA 23:

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