Best Overwatch 2 Support Level List: Most Popular Characters For Current Meta

published: 2022-10-04T22:42:23

Updated: 2022-10-04T22:42:44

Who are the best support heroes to play in Overwatch 2? Let’s see what the players are doing.

Overwatch 2 has gone live, allowing new and old players to return to their favorite maps and heroes… or potentially discover new ones.

Overwatch 2 is only a few hours old, so there’s no defined “meta,” but pro players have played an early build of the new game. Based on what the pros have played, we’ve put together a first tier list, which should be updated once there are enough matches.

Note that because not all heroes, cards, and class passives are active on the OWL circuit so far, this list of levels will change as more data is collected from the competitive ladder. Kiriko will not be included in the list of levels as she has not been available in the professional game.




OW2 AnaBlizzard Entertainment

At a mile, Ana was the most-chosen support hero by professionals in the OWL, thanks to her long-range heals, audience control on her Sleep Dart, and her ability to step up to the frontline of the team with Nano Boost.

She’s also gotten several improvements to her Sleep Dart’s cooldown and expanded the magazine to include her primary weapon, which has helped her thrive now that Overwatch 2 is live.


OW2 LucioBlizzard Entertainment

He didn’t get many changes with the launch of Overwatch 2, but Lucio has remained a main hero now that Overwatch has been “upgraded”.

With cards opening thanks to the shift to a 5v5 game, Lucio’s acceleration ability is incredibly valuable, as are his high healing abilities.

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OW2 BrigitteBlizzard Entertainment

After being one of the most frustrating heroes in Overwatch, Brigitte is back, but with a little more forgiving gear. Gone is her Shield Bash’s crowd control, replaced by some extra damage.

That put her down a bit in terms of power, but in compositions where her lack of range isn’t punished as harshly, Brigitte can still be effective even if she’s not the best support in Overwatch 2.


OW2 ZenyattaBlizzard Entertainment

Zenyatta is still one of the best supports for playing in tanks thanks to Orb of Discord’s debuff, but that’s a little less valuable as many of the tanks’ shields have gone nerf and there are fewer tanks in play.

Despite these changes, it seems that pros still have a good sense of Zenyatta as he was picked a significant amount in the OWL.



OW2 BaptisteBlizzard Entertainment

In terms of the most niche support choice, Baptiste falls into this category. He’s picked quite a bit in pro play, but not enough to qualify as considered solid in the meta.

With improvements to his Regenerative Burst and Biotic Launcher, Baptiste thrives in piled-up combat where he can heal many allies at once.



OW2 MoiraBlizzard Entertainment

Barely picked in OWL games, and not played long when she was chosen, Moira has fallen to the bottom of the pack when it comes to support.

She didn’t get many major changes to her gear for Overwatch 2, but unfortunately she just seems to be in no man’s land where she doesn’t do anything so good that she justifies a consistent pick.


OW2 GraceBlizzard Entertainment

The epitome of the pocket healer, Mercy’s problem is that she does best with other characters who want to use the verticality of cards to their advantage, such as Pharah and Echo. Unfortunately, those kinds of champions don’t seem to be that strong so far, while hit-scan champions that Mercy can pick are pretty strong.

For those reasons, Mercy was barely chosen in OWL and probably won’t be chosen often in Overwatch 2 competitively.

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