Best Teachings to Choose From in Cult of the Lamb

Doctrines are paramount to your rise to glory in Cult of the Lamb, but with a wide variety to choose from and limited space to lock them up, which one should you go for? Here’s a full rundown of some of the best doctrines in the game.

By improving the loyalty of followers throughout the camp, you will soon have a plethora of Commandment Stones at your disposal. Three at a time you can exchange them for powerful new Doctrines.

These Doctrines act as unique upgrades to your cult, be it in the form of new Rituals or widespread effects to get you started. However, each time you have to choose from two different options, making it tricky to land on the absolute best.

So if you’re wondering which doctrines to choose in Cult of the Lamb, look no further. We’ve got you covered with the absolute best options you should be looking for right away.

Best Teachings in Lamb Cult

Law & Order 1 – Ascending Follower Ritual

First on the agenda is starting the Law & Order skill tree. Be sure to choose the Ascend Follower Ritual on your very first choice.

Death is inevitable in Cult of the Lamb. No matter how great your camp is or how healthy you keep your followers, father time eventually reaches them all. But instead of letting them collapse in the middle of the camp and making everyone sick, it’s best to give them a gracious exit.

Cult of the Lamb Ascend Follower Doctrine

Huge monster

Give your followers a glorious end with this teaching.

The Ascend Follower ritual lets you pick out a particularly old member of the camp and make sure they’re headed in the right direction. Not only does this help prevent the aforementioned issues of illness and even losing faith, but it also helps build loyalty for your remaining followers, making it an essential early game choice in Cult of the Lamb.

Sustenance II – Graseter Trait

If you’re struggling to keep up with enough food for your followers, it’s worth investing in the Sustenance skill tree to unlock the Grass Eater trait.

While it may seem a bit cruel, this ability allows followers to get by with the bare minimum. By simply feeding them a dish made purely from grass, they can get their daily nutrients and continue their business.

While it’s not advisable to always feed grass to your followers, it’s great to play as a backup in case you run out of more substantial ingredients.

Possessions III – Ritual of Enrichment

Next comes the Ritual of Enrichment, an absolute must-have in Cult of the Lamb. Unlocked at level three in the wealth tree, this ritual guarantees you’ll never run out of gold coins again.

Once you’ve found your base and doubled your followers, using the Ritual of Enrichment will help fill your pockets. You can go from just a few gold coins to a few hundred in just a few moments.

Cult of the Lamb Ritual of Enrichment

Huge monster

The Ritual of Enrichment is arguably the strongest ritual in Cult of the Lamb.

Combined with the faster Ritual cooldown via the Divine Inspiration tree, you can spam this effect several times a week and you’ll soon have a limitless wealth of wealth.

Work & Worship IV – Glory Through Toil Ritual

As a final recommendation, look no further than the effectiveness of the Glory Through Toil Ritual in Cult of the Lamb. Unlocked at level four of the Work & Worship skill tree, this ritual forces your followers to work overtime.

This ritual will keep your followers awake for three days and nights. This means the camp remains productive, harvesting crops, gathering resources and worshiping at your shrines continuously for three days.

Cult of the Lamb Glory Through Toil Doctrine

Huge monster

Three days and nights of hard work can go a long way in Cult of the Lamb.

To make matters worse for your cult members, this effect can also be abused with the faster Ritual cooldown unlock. Soon your followers will rarely sleep if you perform this powerful ritual repeatedly.

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