Best Tera Raid Pokemon for growing Herba Mystica in Scarlet & Violet

Published: 2023-01-08T23:13:20

Updated: 2023-01-08T23:13:37

Many players are looking for the best ways to grow Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and these are the Tera Raids that offer the highest chance of obtaining rare sandwich ingredients.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s post-game mainly revolves around Tera Raids. Once the AI ​​professor Sada or Turo has been sent away by the time machine, players have little to do other than fight in the school tournament or take on terrifying Tera Raids.

After the credits roll, players unlock five-star Tera Raid battles, and after completing the post-game, players unlock six-star Tera Raids. These challenging boss battles are the only way players can get their hands on Herba Mystica, a mysterious plant that can greatly increase the chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon.

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However, Herba Mystica is hard to find because the drop rate is apparently quite low. Despite every five-star raid and more having the chance to drop a spice, players can spend hours completing raids without finding one. That said, there are specific Tera Raid Pokemon players that can target to find Herba Mystica much more reliable.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Herba Mystica drops

Tera Raid Pokemon that drops more Herba Mystica

Certain Tera Raid Pokemon have a higher chance of dropping Herba Mystica once defeated. Not because the odds themselves are higher, but because they have the chance to drop more than one type of Herba Mystica. And in some cases, a Tera Raid Pokemon has a chance to drop any kind of Herba Mystica, making them the best Pokemon to target for growing sandwich ingredients.

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Below is a list of Tera Raid Pokemon that players should target to farm Herba Mystica:

Five Star Tera Raids

Six Star Tera Raids

Despite these Pokemon having the best chances of dropping Herba Mystica, it’s still not guaranteed every Tera Raid. But to further increase these chances, players can use the Raid Power sandwich recipe to increase the number of rare items dropped per battle.

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