Best Vanguard Ranked Kar98k Gear CDL Pros Use

With Vanguard Rated Play just coming out in Season 2, many have been wondering about the best gear to use. Well, we’ve got you covered with the best Kar98k sniper gear that CDL pros use too.

Ranked Play dropped in February, just three months after the initial release of Call of Duty: Vanguard. But the competitive community has fallen in love with the ELO system pretty quickly.

Players have struggled to reach the Top 250 ladder, but getting there is not an easy task. You have to win as many games as possible and with three game modes, your gameplay should be diverse.

So if you’re signing a Search and Destroy match, you’ll want to be prepared for the long line of sniper sights. This is the CDL Kar98k class that pros rock in official competition.

CDL Kar98k Loadout for Vanguard Ranked

CDL Sniper Class

Here’s the Kar98k that Vanguard CDL pros use.

After watching CDL matches and tuning in to a handful of CDL pro streams, we can now tell you the gear these players use on their Kar98k:

  • End of a loop: L Rem
  • Walk: VDD660mm 05HE
  • Stock: VDD 98
  • underflow: Heavy Foregrip
  • Type of ammunition: extended
  • rear handle: Granular Grip
  • Skill: Drill
  • Package: deep breath

It’s important to note that some attachments have been left blank due to restrictions with CDL rules or GAs (Gentlemen Agreements) that the pro-community has judged to be unfair to use. Any attachment that increases ADS speed or damage to the Kar98k has been handled by professionals, so you won’t see one in this lineup.

This gear is aimed at creating as few hit marks as possible and, as some professional clips show, can be extremely deadly in the right hands.

Now if you want to take advantage of some broken attachments, just put on the ones that increase your ADS speed or increase damage output. But you won’t find professional players using these as they are frowned upon.

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