Big Chungus may have been leaked as an upcoming MultiVersus character

New leaks indicate that Big Chungus is coming to MultiVersus, with the overweight version of Bugs Bunny now a Warner Bros trademark for use in a video game.

The success of MultiVersus has surprised large segments of the gaming community.

Player First Games’ free-to-play fighting title captures the imagination of fans around the world. Pop culture icons appear in-game as playable characters, quickly hitting 20 million players.

While some issues have surrounded character balance, the recent Season 1 launch will work to fix early issues with the title, which only entered open beta a few weeks ago.

However, new leaks suggest a new character is on the way, this time in the form of Big Chungus, the meme rabbit that has proved incredibly popular on the internet.

Big Chungus Leaked Ahead of Possible MultiVersus Release

On August 27 it was noticed by VGC reporter Andrew Marmo that Warner Bros – the publishers of MultiVersus – have trademarked Big Chungus for use in a video game.

According to the trademark, it was filed on August 26 and it allows Warner Bros. to use the name and likeness of Big Chungus in a video game, sparking MultiVersus rumours.

Big Chungus is a meme version of Bugs Bunny, which became popular among internet users in late 2018.

Since then BC has been featured in the mobile game Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem, so it wouldn’t be completely unprecedented if we see the overweight rabbit in MultiVersus.

Needless to say, the leak doesn’t confirm the rabbit’s addition to the fighting game, and a lot could change in the future.

It will remain unofficial until confirmed by Warner Bros or Player First Games. However, all the characters suggest that the character pool, which already includes Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny, Rick Sanchez and Shaggy Rogers, is about to get even bigger.

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