BIOSTAR launches Z690A-SILVER motherboard –

BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and storage devices today, unveils the brand new Z690A-SILVER motherboard. Designed to unleash the maximum potential of the Intel Alder Lake Z690 chipset, the Z690A-SILVER motherboard brings shiny new features to your desktop, packed with unfettered potential.

PCIe 5.0 takes center stage on the Z690A-SILVER motherboard, with data transfer rates of up to 128 Gb/s. Get maximum performance from the latest graphics cards with PCIe 5.0 powered by Intel’s almighty 12th generation processors. Take your gaming to the next level with BIOSTAR’s all-new Z690A-SILVER motherboard. The Z690A-SILVER motherboard supports up to 4 DIMMs of high-speed DDR4 RAMs capable of overclocking songs over 5000+MHz (OC). In addition, features such as PCIe M.2 4.0, USB 3.2 GEN2 TYPE-A and C provide excellent usability for users.

BIOSTAR promises superior hardware security for all components backed by their heavy-duty 70 A Dr.MOS and proprietary digital PWM technology designed to keep all hardware components safe while providing efficient, stable power through the motherboard.

When it comes to styling, the Z690A-SILVER motherboard retains signature design cues from its predecessors, such as the elegant silver and black color palette, which is a fan favorite.

In addition, the “LED ROCK ZONE-RGB SYNC” technology provides users with a full range of customizable RGB lamps. Using VIVID LED DJ software, users can personalize lighting effects on the motherboard, as well as externally connected RGB light strips that can be easily installed on the motherboard using the included 5V and 12V headers.

BIOS EZ MODE is an additional benefit for average users, allowing them to make decisive changes to the BIOS system painlessly and without risk. Meanwhile, BIOSTAR’s latest driver utility, “Smart-Update”, helps users to install and update drivers relatively easily with just a few clicks on its official website.

The Z690A-SILVER contains everything you need in the rear I/O panel. Designed with 8 USB ports consisting of 1x USB 3.2 (Gen2) Type-C port, 5x USB 3.2 (Gen2) ports and 2x USB 2.0 ports for extremely versatile compatibility with any USB device. Furthermore, a single 1x PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Port provides additional connectivity to connect an older device to the system.

In addition, 2x WiFi antenna ports that support WiFi 6 and a single LAN port powered by Realtek RTL8125B chipset are readily available for faster internet connection.

A single DVI-D port, a DP-Out port and an HDMI 2.0 port that can support up to 4k vivid crystal clear images provide essential video output capabilities combined with three powerful audio ports powered by the ALC1220 chipset, the Z690A-SILVER motherboard is capable of providing an unparalleled immersive audiovisual experience.

In short, the Z690A-SILVER motherboard brings some of the best technology in a cost-effective package. Gamers and content creators can extract all the utilities and technology packed into this motherboard for an extreme benefit in their desired use at an unbelievable price. Stylish in design, powerful in the making, the Z690A-SILVER is truly a beauty and a beast, all in one comprehensive package.

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