Bizarre Pokemon Go Glitch Gives Player Double Professor Willow

A Pokemon Go trainer encountered a bizarre glitch that caused two Professor Willows to appear during the Go Fest 2022 event.

Professor Willow from Pokemon Go recently returned with a new look at the Go Fest 2022 event after briefly disappearing and being replaced by Rhi.

As fans fell in love with Professor Willow’s new look, one player in particular got more than they bargained for.

In particular, they ran into a rather bizarre glitch that gave them the double Professor Willows that happen to overlap.

Pokemon Go glitch clone Professor Willow

Pokemon Go Professor Willow New LookThe Pokemon Company, Niantic

Professor Willow from Pokemon Go got a brand new appearance after returning to the game during the Radiant Reunion Special Research quest.

Twitter user @sasimi0408_poke came across the glitch and posted a photo of it in action.

The strange glitch made it look like Pokemon Go’s beloved professor was splitting another head from his neck, prompting Sasimi to call him “Professor Cerberus”.

It turns out that this is a pretty remote, but not unheard of glitch that can occur in Pokemon Go when players perform a specific action.

According to a post on TheSilphRoad subreddit, when Professor Willow congratulates players after completing a quest, an animation will play when claiming the quest rewards.

However, if players tap to claim a reward and then quickly claim another reward, the animation will duplicate and overlap those players for Professor Willow, displaying the bizarre two-headed Professor Willow in the tweet above.

Of course, this isn’t the first graphical glitch Pokemon Go players have experienced with the mobile monster catching title.

Players have encountered several strangely textured Pokemon, completely invisible Pokemon, and gltiches that cause Pokemon models to hang on the screen after switching apps.

While this is far from the only graphical glitch Pokemon Go trainers may encounter while playing, it is certainly one of the weirder out there.

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