Bizarre Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch makes trees fight you instead

A weird, if rather hilarious, Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch caused a player to fight a tree instead of a ‘mon’, knocking them dumb (pun intended).

Since its release in late January 2022, the Hisui region has seen a myriad of bugs and kinks, such as Shiny’ mon spawning in the wrong place and overworld textures breaking, among several others.

However, none were as funny as this last one, which replaced a wild Pokemon encounter with a real tree. You could say the game is to expand.

Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch causes Trainer to fight a tree

Reddit user “Emo_-_kat” shared the comedic experience on March 18 on the Pokemon Legends Arceus forum, captioning it “Y’all, I fought a tree and won.”

In the gameplay clip, the Trainer aimed his Poke Ball at a tree, displaying the battle symbol that appears when players announce that an encounter will occur if thrown, and engages in a battle with it.

The fan then used their Alpha Garchomp to attack it with Earth Power, which was apparently super effective – especially since it was actually a glitched Croagunk and not a tree.

You fought against a tree and won from Pokemon

Fellow players went wild in the comments, with two jokes “Take that Mother Nature” and “Do you kiss Mother Nature with that mouth?”

Others compared the tree to real Pokemon: “That’s not a tree. That’s Sudowoodo! You notice that because Earth Power is super effective.”

Emo_-_kat followed their post and replied to a fan who asked how the bug occurred in the first place. “Did a massive outbreak and crogunk spawned just outside the tree and somehow got stuck in it,” they explained. “Couldn’t throw and catch pokeballs as they would just bounce off the tree.”

At the time of writing, the outage appears to be an isolated incident, so touch wood it doesn’t happen for anyone else anymore.

The Pokemon tree is already becoming a meme of legends. Who knows, maybe Sudowoodo can eventually get an evolution that matches the power of the giant mound of bark.

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