Bizarre “thumb glitch” is Warzone’s latest game-breaking problem

Another Warzone glitch has surfaced in Pacific Season 2, this time it seems like operators’ thumbs are completely obscuring players’ FOV. As you would expect, it ruins matches and prevents players from using ADS.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been an undeniable success, dropping more than 100 million players to Verdansk and Caldera since its March 2020 release.

However, it would be incorrect to suggest that it has been a flawless journey. Besides more minor issues, a few issues have dogged Warzone’s success: cheating and glitches. While the former has been dampened to some extent by RICOCHET anti-cheat, the latter only seems to get worse in Season 2.

We’ve seen the developers apologize for the state of the game, saying that the integration of three titles at the same time has made the game so “bloated” that they don’t know what’s causing the problems.

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Warzone has been dominated by bugs for a while now.

Now players have been left scratching their heads with another major glitch, this time braking ADS in any capacity and ruining matches as a result.

A Reddit post from “tmac416” drew attention to the issue, saying, “Has anyone else had this “thumb” glitch before? How do you make it go away?”

Attached was a video of gameplay, occasionally completely obscured when the player tried ADS.

Each time they did, the entire field of view was obscured by what appeared to be the operator’s thumb. Of course, aiming made it completely pointless and normal gameplay impossible to achieve.

Has anyone else had this “thumb” glitch before? How do you make sure it goes away? from CODWarzone

The post quickly gained a lot of attention on Reddit, with over 500 upvotes at the time of writing. A number of players reported similar issues in Season 2, but thankfully there seems to be a fairly simple solution.

According to those who have experienced the ‘thumb glitch’, changing your operator is a pretty reliable way to fix it.

Either way, fans will want Raven to address the root cause ASAP.

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