Black Friday deals 2022: best sales from Best Buy, Amazon and more

Black Friday 2022 is happening now, bringing a deluge of unbeatable deals for the holiday season, including gaming, technology and entertainment offers from around the web.

Black Friday 2022 has now arrived and our great expectations have been met. Everything of gaming, technology and entertainment is discounted and we haven’t even really started yet.

Below is a full list of easily accessible pages, with stores having their own dedicated page. We’ll be sure to post incredible deals here to highlight as the day draws to a close and stick around for Cyber ​​Monday.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday begins on November 25, 2022, one day after Thanksgiving. Although Black Friday isn’t even just on a Friday anymore.

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Last year we saw Black Friday sales begin sometime in early November and this year was no different. However, most of the deals we found were early and slim picks.

Cyber ​​Monday

There’s also Cyber ​​Monday, which takes place on Monday, 28, 2022. You can also expect deals to run all weekend, and for parts of the week after Cyber ​​Monday, where we expect to see more than a few tech deals will be, and another chance to bite into Black Friday bargains you may have missed.

Best Black Friday places to shop

Looking for the best Black Friday deals in the 2022 sale? Well, there are many places to choose from, with our favorite retailers listed below.

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This includes places like Amazon and Best Buy, both of which will do some of the best sales for pretty much anything but the kitchen sink. Although, there may be a few sink deals floating around in there somewhere.

However, we will focus on things that matter: like video games and technology. Included in our repertoire of stores are more specific items, B&H and Crutchfield, dealing with audiovisual media, printers and PCs. Regardless of what you are looking for, for yourself or your friends and family, you should definitely check it out

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Like Prime Day, Amazon dumps everything in their deals section without any real consideration for you. We’re here to go through every deal available so you get the biggest drops from all corners of the site.

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It can be hard to navigate, but we’ve got all the best deals right here for you to check out as the deals roll in.

Here are some of the best deals we’ve found from Amazon so far, including some of our favorites from Samsung and Razer:

Best Buy Black Friday Deals

Best Buy Black Friday Deals

Best Buy is a staple of Black Friday right now, you can guarantee they have excellent deals for you to indulge yourself on. From games, Blu-rays, TVs and much more. If you want to get it on sale during Black Friday, you can probably expect it to get a price cut from the big blue and yellow store.

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Best Buy also has its members’ club, TotalTech, which costs you an additional fee each month. This usually unlocks extra savings and exclusive deals, which you may want to do since the best deals can be hidden behind this one extra step.

Solid deals at Lenovo:

Walmart Black Friday Deals

Even though the viral videos of the sheer chaos of Black Friday come from there, online shopping at Walmart is the way to go in 2022. We’re bringing you the best deals from their huge range through Cyber ​​Monday.

Samsung Black Friday Deals

In an unprecedented move, Samsung has come out absolutely swinging. Phones are several hundred dollars off, their huge array of TVs, also reduced by the thousands. It’s an absolute carnage, so to speak. Even the Ark monitor is on sale, with a few $100 off.

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Stay tuned for the latest on Samsung’s early deals here:

Deals on Black Friday game consoles

Black Friday deals for PS5

While we expect game prices to get low, keep in mind that we are still in the middle of a shortage of electronics. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 aren’t discounted too much, but count on bundles to tempt you. The Series S has received a few discounts and we expect more this year. While the Nintendo Switch and its OLED variant will also drop in price, mainly because Nintendo wants to sell more units during the holiday season.

We’ve rounded up all of the best games console deals from Black Friday right here, so you don’t have to hunt yourself down.

Black Friday Xbox Series X and S deals

One of the best consoles in our living rooms, the Xbox Series X and S offer excellent backward compatibility and access to Game Pass, one of the best deals you can get right now.

Whether you want to go all in on an Xbox Series X, at 4K120Hz, or be discreet and play at a solid 1080p with the massively small Xbox Series S, Microsoft has managed to solve most of its delivery issues. Expect to see this one with that big red sticker of reduced prices, especially as Microsoft looks to catch up with the PlayStation 5’s staggering sales.

Microsoft has reduced the Xbox Series S by $50 for the holiday season.

Black Friday PlayStation 5 deals

We hope Sony holds back units to flood the market with when it comes to Black Friday, but we don’t know. With God of War: Ragnarok finally out, it’s going to be one of the hottest things to get your hands on.

Don’t expect too many discounts outside bundle deals with recent games, though, as the PS5 will undoubtedly sell out no matter what it comes with.

While the PS5 won’t drop in price this Black Friday, you can always grab a console with God of War: Ragnarok, or a $25 off DualSense controller.

Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals

The Nintendo Switch is almost guaranteed to drop in price on Black Friday. You’ll see these plummet in price as we get closer to Black Friday. With three versions, regular, OLED and Lite, it’s going to be the perfect time to buy a replacement console or a new one, especially since the OLED model has some very nice upgrades over the original console.

We’ll round up the best Black Friday 2022 console and bundle deals below, as you’re bound to see fantastic discounts on the console.

Best Buy has reduced the price of a variety of games, controllers and more for sale. While you won’t find many real console deals, you can still pick up a Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 for $300.

Sale of holiday games: GameStop, Humble and more

We’re literally covering online deals everywhere this Black Friday when it comes to selling digital games. Epic, Fanatical, CDKeys, Humble, and even the Nintendo eShop regularly have deals that empty the treasure chest.

Meta Quest 2 Black Friday Deals

Yep, even Mark Zuckerberg and the (shrinking folks) at Meta are jumping on board to get their Black Friday going. You can expect the Meta Quest 2 to get several deals this holiday season, including the exclusive and limited holiday bundle. This comes with the excellent Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4 VR for less than Quest 2’s price hike.

Black Friday laptop deals

We’ve been covering laptop deals on a weekly basis, but Black Friday is vastly different. For the entire few days, everything from the most budget to the highest tier of laptops will be reduced in price. If you’re looking for a decent pre-built desktop, Best Buy and Amazon also have their wide selection for sale.

With CES at the start of the year, manufacturers will be trying to get their older generation laptops out of the warehouses, and that’s where you’ll see the biggest discounts, you could very easily snag a huge bargain.

Apple sale this Black Friday

Don’t expect Apple to do a Black Friday sale itself, but you can definitely bet that all other retailers will jump on the bandwagon. We’ve seen M2 MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros win prizes even before a big sale day.

While we’re not sure if the iPhone 14 will be discounted, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any other Apple devices that might get a price cut in November.

Black Friday Gaming PC Deals


We will see a ton of sales for PC components this year as both AMD and Nvidia plan to launch their new flagship GPUs and CPUs. Intel will also join in, hoping its 12th gen chips will see a solid price cut after the 13th gen, Raptor Lake, launches later this year.

Outside of the main trio, all manufacturers around the world will be participating to get new goodies into your hands and hopefully into your PCs.

Black Friday is a good time to consider upgrading or replacing storage as well, as older HDDs or even SSDs start to fail. It’s definitely worth investing in some of the ‘boring’ bits and pieces as well.

PC Gaming Peripheral Deals

Black Friday Deals Keyboards

There will be a ton of peripherals for your PC on sale this Black Friday. Each year the list grows and so does the savings. Keyboards, mice, and even things like microphones or USB lights for your desk. It’s all going to come down in price and we’re going to sift through the best gems. No work is needed.

On console, expect a deluge of controllers and decent deals on extras to make your gaming as comfortable or competitive as you want it to be.

Secretlab and gaming furniture deals

Secretlab has already gone ahead and slashed prices on their wide range of chairs as everyone seems to be catching up. We’ve consolidated every deal we’ve found so far into one convenient page so you can just pick and go straight to your desired design!

Loudspeaker and soundbar offers

With the holiday movie marathons and next year’s sporting events all on the horizon, there’s no better time to grab a soundbar or a set of speakers.

We’ve already got an immense list for you on its own dedicated page, including deals that drop around $1000 off some high-end speakers.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for places like Samsung and the like, which will no doubt be winning awards everywhere.

Black Friday TV deals


Black Friday is always the best time of year to buy a new TV. Getting the best image or even the best frames per second can make a world of difference depending on how you game or even watch movies.

We’re bringing you the best TV and monitor deals from Black Friday, with our best recommendations from budget to high-end coming your way later this year. With more expensive models supporting HDMI 2.1 and exceptional gaming features, you can expect hundreds of TV offers on a wide range of websites.

Streaming service offers

While Netflix won’t be hosting any deals, neither will Disney+, Hulu, and a number of others! So you don’t have to worry about getting your streaming this holiday.

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