Blitzcrank off-role buffs inadvertently make him the best support of League of Legends

Blitzcrank received some improvements in League of Legends patch 12.19 to bolster the Steam Golem in other roles, most notably the top lane and the jungle. However, the changes have unintentionally made him the best support in the game with a huge win rate.

League of Legends patch 12.19 was packed with off-meta changes to spice things up. Combined with the upcoming season 13 overhaul to the top lane and jungle, and there could be some serious uproar.

Blitzcrank was one of the big targets of Riot in the last update. The Great Steam Golem received a number of attack speed improvements, as well as an E-damage boost, intended to speed up its jungle clearance and top lane clearance.

However, it unintentionally had an effect on his support win rate, with Blitzcrank quickly rising to the top of the League of Legends metapost patch 12.19.

Blitzcrank now has a win rate of 53.11%, more than 3% higher than in the last update. Not only that, his playing speed has crept above 10% and he has been banned in over a quarter of the games. Those stats make him arguably the best support in the game right now.

The numbers only get higher the higher you go. His win rate is close to 56% in Diamond+, according to LoLalytics, including a 30% presence.

Victorious Blitzcrank League of Legends Skin
Riot Games

Blitzcrank is a threat in both support and jungle after his League of Legends patch 12.19 buffs.

As for how he behaves in the jungle, it’s still not amazing. Blitzcrank only has a 45.74% win rate⁠—expected from an off-meta pick. However, it’s at least viable compared to what it was before, and players enjoy running around the Rift with the Steam Golem.

Whether Riot pulls out some nerfs for Blitzcrank support in League of Legends patch 12.20 remains to be seen. It’s about to go groundbreaking, but the developers haven’t revealed their plans for the next update yet.

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