Blizzard disables Bastion & Torbjorn in Overwatch 2 due to game-breaking bugs

published: 2022-10-10T23:34:23

Updated: 2022-10-10T23:38:30

Blizzard has chosen to disable both Bastion and Torbjorn from Overwatch 2 in light of some game-breaking bugs that surfaced shortly after launch.

Just days after Overwatch 2 went live in early access, two popular characters have been temporarily removed from the game. Both Bastion and Torbjorn are no longer available in competitive play, with the latter only accessible in Quick Play, while Blizzard irons out some major issues.

Overwatch’s official Twitter account shared the news on October 10, citing “a few bugs in their skill kits” as the reason for their temporary ban in the sequel. For Bastion, the reworked Damage hero was able to fire his Artillery ultimate continuously, resulting in some extremely lopsided combat. As for Torb, although his problems are less common, many have pointed to his overloading ability as the culprit. In some cases, players are reportedly able to extend the effect and gain additional, unintended armor.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear when we can expect to see both heroes back in rotation. However, Blizzard assured it will be a “quick trip to the workshop”, so fans won’t have to wait too long.

Given Overwatch 2’s rocky state at launch, the issues these two heroes face are just the tip of the iceberg for Blizzard. Initially, alleged DDoS attacks were the biggest problem in releasing the sequel. Server issues prevented a vast majority of the player base from accessing the game for the first 48 hours. Once the community was in, a range of other pressing issues soon became apparent.

From wild hero-specific bugs to mobile verification issues that prevented thousands from playing the sequel, it was far from a smooth transition. In one of the more disturbing cases, numerous players even reported that their content from OW1 was no longer accessible in OW2. While Blizzard assured the team is working hard to fix the critical flaw, a week after launch, many are still unable to play on most of the hero roster.

For now, although two heroes have been temporarily eliminated from competition, no further characters are seemingly flawed enough to be removed. Over time, we should see both Torb and Bastion back in the game for a more stable experience going forward.

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