Blizzard promises revamped Overwatch 2 scoreboard and UI changes in future betas

Blizzard has confirmed major updates are coming to Overwatch 2’s scoreboard. From new information to a spiffy new look, there are a lot of potential changes coming in future betas.

The Overwatch 2 scoreboard was a hot topic during the first week of beta testing.

New implements such as an Eliminations/Assists/Deaths tracker were generally well received, but some fans were turned off by the switch from the original game’s Medals and Fire system.

In a May 2 blog post, Blizzard discussed how they will repeat on the leaderboard in the future and that bringing back elements of the old system isn’t out of the question.

Blizzard will redesign Overwatch 2’s scoreboard over time

The developers first discussed the decision to move away from Medals, citing a lack of clarity about the reason behind the change.

“The team saw players misinterpret actual team performance based on the relative rankings provided by medals. This was especially true in early games when the statistical amounts were small.

To escape those problems, they aimed for a board with a more detailed account of what happened in the game, but they were aware that this flow of new information could be confusing in its current state.

New leaderboard for Overwatch 2
snow storm

The new scoreboard adds a lot of new information to the game.

Here’s how they plan to change things in the near future:

  • We will be adding a new “Damage Mitigated” stat that will be next to Damage Done and Healing Done on the leaderboard. This stat covers things like blocked damage and reduced damage from other abilities like Ana’s Nano Boost, Baptiste’s Immortality Field, and many others!
  • The team may also look to rework the Fire system in the future to complement the leaderboard system, as we believe it can bring excitement to high-performing players.

In addition, the general user interface will also undergo some changes.

“The team sees a lot of feedback on certain elements of the leaderboard and how to communicate them more effectively in-game, such as evaluating ultimate abilities and hero photos to decide where on the leaderboard those things can live.”

It will take some time for the developers to get things right, but they still have plenty of beta time to work it all out.

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