Blizzard Rolls Out Extra Security to Fight Overwatch 2 Smurfs

Blizzard is taking extra steps to fight Smurfs for the upcoming Overwatch 2 release ahead of the next beta window that will invite a larger group of game testers.

Smurfs have been a big deal in Overwatch for a while now, and the studio seemed poised to take the issue seriously ahead of the wider launch for the sequel’s beta periods.

Pros and casual OW players have spent years barking at the developers to get the browsing problem under control by implementing more features and security measures – and it looks like at least one update is coming.

While Blizzard wants to learn and optimize OW2 before it goes live globally, players who want to join the battle will need to link a phone number to their accounts before entering.

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Blizzard requires added two-factor authentication prior to Overwatch 2.

Now that people can sign up for the Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack, some have noticed a bright spot in the fine print prior to release. Blizzard requires players to link a mobile to each Battle.Net account before playing OW2.

While it’s a rudimentary two-factor authentication technique, it’s the first major deterrent for people to just create a burner account to smurf on – and it’s a welcome addition for players.

“It won’t completely disable smurfs, but it’s quite a big hassle and will stop like 60-70% of them do, so I appreciate that,” one user said in response to the change.

You must link a phone number to play Competitiveoverwatch’s Overwatch 2

While people are finding ways to get around the two-factor method with temporary numbers or otherwise, it’s something that players think can make smurfing less appealing.

This move could be huge for Overwatch 2 in general as the studio is committed to a free-to-play model that will welcome many more people

It will be interesting to see if Blizzard wants to add more measures to slow down smurfs in Overwatch 2 that builds on the new two-factor authentication for the game.

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