Blizzard Tackles Fake Diablo Immortal Currencies That Put Players Into Debt

Blizzard has cracked down on players who bought Eternal Orbs from third parties in Diablo Immortal, leaving them in huge debt.

For those who haven’t played Diablo Immortal yet, the free-to-play game has been getting a lot of attention due to its extensive use of microtransactions.

Players wishing to avoid expensive microtransactions turned to outside sources to purchase in-game premium currency at a lower cost.

Now Blizzard is apparently cracking those who bought Eternal Orbs from third parties, leaving some fans with a hefty debt.

Blizzard launches third-party Diablo Immortal orbs

Diablo in Immortalsnow storm

Players had no problems buying Eternal Orbs from third-party sellers for months, until Blizzard finally got a foothold.

Multiple threads on the Diablo Immortal subreddit claim to have experienced this exodus of orbs themselves or played with others who have been blamed for orb.

According to Reddit user Paleblood, “half of the clan members” on the server they play on have reported that “they have huge debts to the Eternal Orbs,” claiming they’ve seen screenshots of players with negative 600,000 orbs.

For the uninitiated, Eternal Orbs are Diablo Immortal’s premium currency, which fans can purchase in varying amounts through the in-game store.

Players can purchase 60 orbs for $0.99, 315 orbs for $4.99 and even 7200 orbs for $99.99 at the highest bundle.

Of course, third-party sellers offered lower rates, boosting many players’ orb counts for a lot less cost.

Unfortunately, Blizzard has finally tackled the practice for violating Diablo Immortal’s terms of service.

As punishment, all fraudulent Eternal Orbs that had been purchased were cleared, meaning some who only bought orbs from third parties had a negative number of orbs.

Those affected can apparently only reverse this negative number of orbs by purchasing the equivalent number of orbs through the store and resetting the counter.

To illustrate how expensive it would be to reverse that debt, the player who paleblood claimed to have an orb debt of minus 600,000 would have to spend more than $8,400 to compensate.

In addition, players with a negative number of orbs are not allowed to participate in parties or participate in activities with others, such as cracks and dungeons.

For now, it seems the only option for those who need to dig themselves out of debt is to buy the right amount of Eternal Orbs legit or leave Diablo Immortal behind.

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