“Broken” Warzone Sniper Gear Removes Enemies in One Shot After Nerf Reversing

Snipers could be back in Call of Duty: Warzone in a big way, as the Type 99 is “broken” again, with one gear in particular taking out enemies in just one shot.

In recent years, Warzone has had quite a few broken weapons. No one will ever forget the devastation wrought by the DMR and Diamattis in Black Ops Cold War, for example.

With the integration of Call of Duty: Vanguard, the CoD Battle Royale has seen a few more nasty weapons, mainly due to the ability to throw 10 attachments on any primary weapon of your choice. Most of the “broken” Vanguard weapons were in the SMG and Assault Rifle categories, but snipers have had their moments as well.

In the case of Type 99, there were bugs in the past that allowed players to take down enemies with just one shot. But this time things have gone a step further as the sniper will do more than just let your enemy scramble for a revival.

Broken Type 99 Warzone gear is back

NRG’s IceManIsaac highlighted the Vanguard sniper in his August 11 video, noting that his deadly one-shot potential has returned in a pretty big way.

The YouTuber showed that the Type 99 will deal 300 damage to the head and chest, while it will also deal 243 damage to the neck, meaning if you had a CG shot – a shot that lands in the middle of the hit box – the enemy that was in your sights is most likely furious and will go back to the main menu.

“Right, it’s broken. They’ve patched this in the past and somehow it’s been reversed,” Isaac said. “This will probably be patched within the next week.”

  • Muzzle: MX Damper
  • Barrel: Shirashi 712mm Sniper
  • Optics: ZF4 3.5x rifle scope
  • Lower Barrel: SMLE Pistol Grip
  • Stock: removed stock
  • Magazine: 8mm Klauser 5-round mags
  • Ammunition: Extended
  • Rear Grip: Removed Stock
  • Extra 1: Vital
  • Extra 2: At hand

As the YouTuber points out, there’s no explanation as to why the Type 99 went back to its previous state, but at least players are benefiting from it for now.

As he says, Raven Software will probably fix the problem soon and send out a hotfix, but if you get shot down by a sniper and it’s not a headshot, you probably know why now.

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