Bungie would revive sci-fi Marathon series as a squad-based shooter

published: 2022-10-20T17:58:09

Updated: 2022-10-20T17:58:18

A new report claims that Destiny developer Bungie is turning its classic sci-fi series Marathon into an extraction-based shooter.

Bungie had several projects in the pipeline before changing the status quo of console gaming with Halo in the beginning.

The Marathon franchise is one of the studio’s more interesting pre-Halo efforts, with the first game charging players with thwarting an alien invasion.

Marathon’s futuristic setting on a colony ship in space offered much more than any other FPS experience, thanks to its in-depth storytelling.

And two games followed in their place in 1995 and 1996, but the series lived on in part through references in Halo. Apparently Bungie is ready to revisit the world of Marathon.

Bungie brings back Marathon as a new kind of shooter

Rumors of Destiny spin-offs have been circulating in recent months. Additionally, the company’s CEO, Pete Parsons, previously teased that the studio would launch at least one non-Destiny game by 2025. But a new report suggests Bungie’s next project is far from what many had guessed.

Sources familiar with the studio’s operations told Insider Gaming that a Marathon revival is in the works. The alleged game will take the form of a “three-man squad extraction-based shooter,” the outlet wrote in its report.

Marathon’s reboot supposedly works like other extraction-focused shooters, so players can expect to select their mission, equip a load of gear, track down loot, and complete missions on a map, then retreat.

bungee marathon shooterBungie

Bungie has only been producing Destiny games for the last ten years.

Insider Gaming’s sources described it as the “ultimate example of a living game,” complete with a progression system and seasonal rewards.

Right now, the project is in pre-alpha stage, though there’s no word on when exactly Bungie will lift the veil on its plans.

Such a report comes as Destiny 2 players await the release of Lightfall, an expansion slated for February 28, 2023.

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