Cablemod Unveils 90 Degree Angle 12VHPWR Power Adapter for GeForce RTX 40 GPUs

Cablemod has finally publicly unveiled their highly anticipated, modern GeForce GPU-compatible 90-degree power cord adapter. This cable supports the 600W specification and overcomes the most fundamental problem with RTX 4090 GPUs, which lack space for power cords.

We know that several cards in the RTX 4090 series are significantly wider than those in the RTX 30 series. Not only the length and thickness of the card are essential, but also the width must be taken into account. NVIDIA’s power adapter, which comes with every RTX 4090 card by board partners, also takes up several inches of space. So many new RTX 4090 owners were forced to run their cards without side panels until a solution was discovered.

For accurate installation, the cable forming the 90-degree angle requires only 23.2mm of additional space. The connector will be available in two configurations to support all RTX 4090 and, most likely, RTX 4080 series cards.

The cable is currently not for sale. The company revealed that the presale will begin on October 31, and potential buyers can sign up to be notified once it begins.

Via CableMod

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