Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: Everything We Know About ‘Project Aurora’

On March 10, 2022, Activision officially announced that Warzone would be coming to mobile after months of speculation. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Battle Royale title.

Warzone was an instant hit, not just with the Call of Duty player base, but the wider gaming community as well. Two years later, it has become a hugely influential entry into the franchise, and the developers celebrated its two-year anniversary by announcing the Warzone mobile experience.

Here are all the details we have about Warzone Mobile so far.


Warzone Mobile Project Aurora concept art

Project Aurora is the official code name for Warzone Mobile.

Warzone Mobile codename Project Aurora

While no official gameplay details have been revealed yet, a Activision blog post on May 11, our first look at concept art alongside an internal codename reveal.

Project Aurora is the current working title for Warzone Mobile, but don’t expect it to be the final name. As we get closer to launch, we’re sure to get a final title that incorporates the hugely popular Warzone brand.

Does Warzone Mobile have a release date?

Warzone Mobile has been discussed for months prior to the official announcement. Job postings hinted at an upcoming new mobile experience in Call of Duty, but the announcement was saved for Warzone’s two-year anniversary on March 11.

Unfortunately there is no release date yet. There are already plans to release Warzone 2 in 2023, so it’s possible that Warzone Mobile will launch as a side-by-side mobile counterpart, but that’s purely speculation.

The first-ever Warzone Mobile Closed Alpha testing is now underway, according to the May 11 blog post. While this testing phase is purely intended to “improve tuning, stress matches, identify and fix bugs, and gather feedback and insights on all aspects of the game as new features come online.”

So it remains unclear when the handheld Battle Royale may launch. Despite the rollout, there’s a chance we might get access to an early beta period, ahead of a full launch later.

Which map will appear in Warzone Mobile?

first rumble around Warzone Mobile pointed to a rerun of Verdansk appearing in the handheld title. Descriptions from several insiders claimed that this build of the first Warzone map featured known POIs along with some brand new locations.

Verdansk Prison

According to early reports, Warzone’s most iconic map is currently being used for testing purposes only.

However, it seems that this unique layout is purely for testing purposes. “The content in the Project Auror Closed Alpha is not final and is subject to change,” the developers explained in the May 11 blog. “Right now, we just have access to the large-scale battle royale gameplay mechanics on mobile devices.”

As a result, we could see a completely new map when Warzone Mobile launches. We will certainly keep you informed here as more details become known.

Is Warzone Coming to Call of Duty Mobile?

CoD Mobile Gameplay

CoD Mobile already has its own dedicated BR mode.

CoD Mobile already has its own Battle Royale for players to enjoy, and the game itself is incredibly popular. While it’s still in its infancy, all discussions of Warzone Mobile have pointed to the project being a standalone release separate from the CoD Mobile application.

Therefore, it is unclear what may become of the existing CoD Mobile Battle Royale. It could co-exist with Warzone Mobile, or it could be scrapped entirely when Warzone Mobile comes into the picture. We’ll have to wait and see what Activision plans to do.

Will Warzone Mobile have crossplay?

aerial view of war zone pacific caldera map

Can cell phone users ever fight for the battle against royal supremacy in Caldera against PC and console players?

With development pretty much over and not much being shared about the upcoming title, it’s impossible to say whether Warzone’s mobile experience will have crossplay with other platforms.

It would make sense for the mobile game to be the same as the main title, so we’d expect Warzone Mobile to have crossplay with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, although it’s impossible to say for sure.

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