Camera blogger posts iPhone 14 Pro post in action

Austin Mann, a travel photographer, recently revealed the camera capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro in a new blog post.

iPhone 14 Pro

Mann tested Apple’s latest flagship in the Scottish Highlands and showed the results online. He started by praising the 48MP resolution and the phone’s ability to crop images to draw attention to specific details. Mann says that for those looking to print their captured images, the 48MP resolution is optimal for large formats.

The photographer praised the 12MP ProRAW format for being ‘lightning fast’, great in low light and having the same resolution across all lenses. In addition, storage space and battery life are preserved when this feature is used.

The post tested the new Action mode and mentions that it needs light to work. Mann stated that the indoor action mode isn’t effective because there isn’t enough light most of the time. The blog post can be viewed in full on Austin Mann’s official website.

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