Can you play Final Fantasy XIV on Steam Deck?

Published: 2022-12-07T14:20:59

Updated: 2022-12-07T14:22:34

Can you play Final Fantasy XIV on the Steam Deck? If you’re in the mood for Square-Enix’s MMO on the go, you might be in luck.

Final Fantasy XIV’s emergence as one of the best MMOs out there is a long, long story. From the doomed first draft to the A Realm Reborn arc, the game is thriving. Not even just as an MMO, but as a Final Fantasy game, routinely praised for its fascinating story and fan service.

However, we never got it on the Switch. However, the Steam Deck is here to save the day. While you may need to take extra steps to get non-Steam versions to work, the game runs natively through Proton. Proton is Valve’s take on Wine, a translation layer between Linux and Windows apps to make them work as you’d expect.

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However, Valve indicates on its website that it is currently ‘playable’, due to the need to enter text via a keyboard at certain points. If you want to talk to people, you may need to use Steam Deck’s virtual keyboard with Steam + X.

The Steam Deck is a great way to play the game as the MMO has always been designed to cater to any style of play. The game is also equipped to be played on controllers with ease, Final Fantasy XIV is actually impressive in what it offers to those on a console.

Those using the official Steam Deck Dock or an alternative like the JSAUX might want to consider some accessories for those times when you want to settle in for the night. You may also want to consider a mouse and keyboard once docked.

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Where to buy Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is available directly through Steam, but if you have a Humble Choice subscription you can save a few bucks on the Complete Edition of the game.

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