Candace Genshin Impact: Leaks and Everything We Know

Candace is an upcoming Genshin Impact character that will be added as part of the Sumeru region update. We’ve outlined everything we know about her ahead of her official release date.

The Genshin Impact Sumeru update is fast approaching and soon travelers will be able to use the game’s upcoming banners and explore the new region. While Tighnari and Collei are the first Dendro characters available in the 3.0 update, a number of Genshin Impact leaks have revealed details about other units.

One of the recently revealed characters is none other than Candace – a 4-star Hydro character wielding a Polearm. If you want to save your Primogems for Candace or if you want to know more about her, you can visit our hub.

So, without further ado, here’s everything we currently know about Candace, including when she’ll be out in Genshin Impact and what she’ll look like in-game.


Is there a release date for Candace?

HoYoverse hasn’t announced an official release date for Candace yet. However, current leaks suggest she will make her debut later in the 3.1 update. This means Travelers can expect to unlock her on September 28, 2022 when the new update reaches live servers.

While Candace’s release may require a bit of patience, it does give players the chance to get their hands on more Primogems that can be used to roll onto her banner. Of course, as with all leaks, this release date should be taken with a grain of salt.

As always, we will update this section as HoYoverse reveals new information, so check back often.

Candace Abilities in Genshin Impact

While HoYoverse hasn’t disclosed any information about Candace’s abilities yet, we do know she would be piloting a Hydro Vision and wielding a Polearm. More information is likely to be released in the coming weeks as travelers delve into the 3.1 beta.

Candace leaked model

Details on Candace might be pretty light at this point, but her in-game model has been leaked, giving Travelers a taste of what to expect when she makes her debut. As you can see from the leaked image above, Candace is wearing an elegant blue outfit, which is supported by gold jewelry.

So there you have it, that’s all we currently know about Candace in Genshin Impact. Be sure to check out our Genshin Impact page for all the latest news and tutorials.

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